Integrative Kidney Physiology and Pathophysiology IKPP

Who we are

IKPP has been established under the lead of Prof. Uyen Huynh-Do at the University of Bern in 2010. It has received funding as a Cofund-project within the frame of the European Framework FP7 for two successive periods: IKPP1 took place from 2010 to 2013 and IKPP2 has been funded as follow-up project for the period 2014 to 2018.

From the beginning, IKPP has worked in very close collaboration with the NCCR Kidney.CH, a Swisswide research and education network funded by the Swiss National Foundation, as a National Center of Competence, promoting kidney research in Switzerland. Most of the Swiss institutions involved in renal basic sciences and clinical research are connected within this frame. Hence, a vast range of training events, such as retreats and symposia, where IKPP fellows have participated have been organized by the NCCR Kidney.CH. Moreover, many members of the NCCR Kidney.CH are Principle Investigators in IKPP, illustrating the perfect synergy between the two programmes.