Integrative Kidney Physiology and Pathophysiology IKPP

Fellows @ Basel

Thomas Hammond

Dr. Tom Hammond from England joined IKPP2 in May 2014. Tom completed his PhD in the MRC Centre of Drug Safety Science at the University of Liverpool in January 2013. In this position he focussed on investigating the safety concern associated with acyl-glucuronide metabolites of carboxylic acid drugs. This work culminated in the first mass-spectrometric identification of acyl glucuronide metabolites covalently bound to human serum albumin isolated from patients receiving diclofenac therapy, reinforcing anxiety over acyl glucuronidation as a metabolic pathway of toxicological consequence. Tom's other main research interests throughout his PhD were pharmacokinetics and the utility of continuous intravenous drug infusion models in pre-clinical toxicology. Tom's research at the University of Basel now focusses on the utility of serum proteomic profiling as a tool for elucidating mechanisms of vascular calcification.