Integrative Kidney Physiology and Pathophysiology IKPP


In the frame of IKPP postdoctoral fellows receive both training in the lab and with an e-learning tool on nephrology, which has been developed during IKPP1. Besides their training in kidney research postdoctoral fellows are also trained in communication, management and networking skills, which are indispensable for a successful career development. The IKPP postdoctoral programme is a national Swiss-wide programme, aiming at increasing the European-wide mobility possibilities for training and career development of experienced researchers. Hence it promotes the objectives set out in the activity heading "Life-long training and career development" of the Marie Curie Skłodowska work programme. IKPP has the scope to broaden and deepen researchers' individual competence and expertise in particular in terms of acquisition of multi- or interdisciplinary skills and intersectoral experiences. Suitable training is provided for teaching and coaching activities as part of the professional development of researchers. The training is organised in four parts:

Individual research training under supervision

Through their individual research projects postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to develop their own profile. Based on a mentorship model, young researchers are supervised by a senior scientist with expertise in the respective field and by members of the local research team. 
In addition fellows are involved in advanced technological training, in order to obtain advanced scientific and complementary competencies through teaching and project management activities.

Local and network-wide training activities

All host institutions offer excellent local training opportunities for young researchers. Thanks to the logistic advantages offered also by the nationwide renal research network NCCR, postdoctoral students have the unique opportunity to select courses from a wide array offered by the faculties of the five Swiss Universities.

Training through interfaculty mobility

The strong collaboration and interdependency of the institutions involved in the IKPP network allows the fellows to perform part of their projects at other host institutions (including collaborations with industrial partners such as pharmaceutical companies).

Complementary training

A central objective of the IKPP postdoctoral program is to offer local and network-wide opportunities for fellows to obtain training in highly relevant complementary skills. These comprise courses in:

Presentation skills
Scientific writing and publishing in high impact journals
Grant proposal and application
Management of research projects
Commercial exploitation of results
Intellectual property rights
Ethical issues
Communication and conflict management
Development of teaching skills and training techniques

Overview on the Training-Events in IKPP2
Date Event  Place
06.09.2018 NCCR Symposium tbd
18.-19.06.2018 NCCR-SNSF Site Visit Zurich
06.04.2018  CAS/DAS in Translational Nephrology: Kick-off session of E-Learning Module 3 "Calcium and Phosphate Homeostasis" Bern

CAS/DAS in Translational Nephrology: Return session of E-Learning Module 2 "pH Homeostasis"

01.-02.02.2018 8th Kidney.CH Retreat Murten
25.01.2018 3rd Kidney Stone Symposium Bern
20.10.2017 CAS/DAS in Translational Nephrology: Kick-off meeting of E-Learning Module 2 "Acid-base Homeostatis" Bern
19.10.2017 CAS/DAS in Translational Nephrology: Return session of E-Learning Module 1 "Salt and Water Transport" Bern
04.-06.10.2017 Joint NCCR Workshop "Career development" tbd
22.06.2017 Minisymposium: Redefining nephrology - what's hot, what's new? Zurich
01.06.2017 7th International Kidney.CH Symposium Zurich
30.05-31.05.2017 NCCR-SNSF Site Visit with joint IKPP-dinner (on May, 31) Zurich
03.03.2017 CAS/DAS in Translational Nephrology: Kick-off meeting of E-Learning Module 1 "Salt and Water Transport" Bern
02.03.2017 5th E-learning module on Metabolism and CKD Bern
09.02.-10.02.2017 7th Kidney.CH Retreat Murten
09.02.2017 2nd Kidney Stone Symposium Bern
13.10.2016 E-learning module 5: Metabolism and CKD; Kick-off meeting Bern
01.06.2016 6th International Kidney.CH Symposium with joint IKPP-dinner Zurich
30.-31.05.2016 Site Visit with IKPP/NCCR Zurich
25.-26.02.2016 6th Kidney.CH Retreat Murten
25.02.2016 1st Kidney Stone Symposium Bern
09.-11.11.2015 Joint NCCR Workshop "Presentation skills in science" Schloss Uberstorf
22.10.2015 E-learning module 4: Oxygen; Kick-off meeting Bern
11.06.2015 5th International Kidney.CH Symposium Zurich
12.03.2015 E-learning module 3: Calcium and Phosphate Metabolism; Return session Bern
09.-11.02.2015 Advancement of Women: Workshop "How to apply for a permanent academic position" Zurich
05.-07.02.2015 5th Kidney.CH Retreat Murten
14.10.2014 E-learning module 3: Calcium and Phosphate Metabolism; Kick-off meeting Bern
20.06.2014 4th International Kidney.CH Symposium Zurich
07.-08.02.2014 4th Kidney.CH Retreat Murten